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This page is dedicated to the Lards.net. The Lards.net is a group of (mostly) squash friends (mostly) from our days at Southampton University, some of the members of the Lards.net previously went under the name of Bevois Patrol (after Bevois Valley in Soton). In those days most of us were fit and streamlined, but less time for squash and the rigors of age, children and work has led to the filling of a few waistlines - hence the Lards.net. It should be noted that a few of the founder members got some training in for this during the early days. Well enough for now, and remember the Lards.net motto: 'You can't boast until you've got a good length.'


Up coming events and news:

Jonnie writes a book - 2013

Its called Noosum Foosum and is about twins who meet an engineer, I can't think where he got the idea! It includes soem great drawings by Jon and the cover by his mother. You can get it from him or on amazon (kindle for now but in paperback sooon). Noosum Foosum at Amazon.

BBQ at the J's - summer 2010

Nick, Victoria and kids were over from San Diego so we met up at the J's for a nice BBQ and play session for all the kids (main picture above).

Roy's b'day visit to the Zoo - 2010

A belatyed meet up for lots of us at Whipsnade zoo for Roy's 40th.

zoo10 zoo10 zoo10


Mike gets married - 2009

Mike ties the knot to Adrienne in San Fransisco in late 2009.

Baby Updates 2009

Roj and Flavia gave birth to twin boys on the 26th March, Luke weighted in at a healthy 2.8Kg and Marco at 3.1kg. We are both delighted, but with 3 babies boys now completely knackered.

Festive holiday meet-up 2006

The J's, Mike and Mary K, Roj and Flavia, Nick and Bia, Royster and Helen, Chris, Wendy and lots of juniors members met up in the Fox near North Stoke (near Reading) a few days before the New Year. Promoted by Mike flying in for a visit but also because its been a while since we got together. Pictures here (more pictures welcome).

Baby Updates 2006

Roj and Flavia gave birth to Alexandre Moreira Leite Young on the 4th September, he weighted in at a healthy 3.8Kg. We are both delighted.

Click for large copy
Click for large copy

Post New Year meet-up at the J's 2006

The J's, Roj and Flavia, Chris, Roy and few others (including energetic toddlers) met up at the J's for a few quiet drinks and the local village club night, 'The Outsiders' were treated with suspicion but the 'local shires' round sorted out any pretenses of stealing the prizes, pic here.

Lloyd's Matt Le Tissier book

Following up his 'Guide to Euro 2004' Lloyd has written a Matt Le-Tissier (honorary lard) fan book 'One-Man Team: The Matt Le Tissier Story', you can get hold of a copy at Ardrapress.

Baby Updates 2005

Nick and Victoria gave birth to Mica Talarico-Smith on Sat 30th April at a weight of 7 lbs 6 oz.
Lloyd and Caroline gave birth to Emma Jane (Little M)* Pettiford at 06.35 on 01/12/04, weighing 6lb and 11oz. Congrats from us all.

*"Apparently 'Little M' (copyright the Hubschers 2004) didn't realise she was going to be called Matthew (for the obvious reasons http://www.mattletiss.com/ ) and arrived as a girl. 'Little M' thus naturally became 'Little Emma'. As well as the Hubscher's nudge in that direction, Caroline is a big fan of the book by Jane Austen (http://www.cultural-resources.co.uk/isbns/7433.htmland) and me of Emma Goldman (http://www.panarchy.org/goldman/anarchism.1910.html.)" - by Lloyd

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Rio Wedding 2004

Roj and Flavia got married in Rio de Janeiro, in November 2004. Many lards attended the wedding - and lots of other social get togethers, pics here.

Summer BBQ 2004

The first summer BBQ for a few years was held at the J's manor in North Stoke (Nr Reading), a nice turn out even saw a flying visit from Nick and Victoria.

North America Update 2004

Nick and Victoria are still in California (San Diego) and now Mike has moved to join them - at least to San Francisco, alright not that close, but I'm sure Fletch's reputation can cover the gap. How is Mike copying with the change in climate from Saskatoon? Better than you'd expect, see here.

Baby Updates 2003 / 2004

Nick and Bia gave birth to Melissa on the 27th June 2004 to add to Vivian (a girl) on the 8th February 2003. The J's twins Katie and Danny were born 8 weeks prematurely on 23rd February 2003, but are now both well and at home with the J's. While Al and Gill added number 3 (Juliette) on 30th November 2003, the usual full account is here. Congrats from us all.

New Year 2003 / 2004

A few lards met up in Finchley at Roy and Sara's and then headed into town to Whirly Gig..

Round the World 2002 / 2003

Roj and Flavia took off on a world trip for 3 months at the end of October, taking in SE Asia, Oz, NZ, and Brasil (for Xmas). They checked-in along the way in the lards guestbook and also added some photos. An itinerary of the trip is available here.

Skifest 2002

Quite a small affair in Chatel in France for one week. Thanks to Jonnie for getting us organised enough to get it booked - the chalet was superb. The J's, Roj, Chris, Royster and Wendy were all in attendance. There were some great skiing conditions on the ground, even if we couldn't see where we were going, Jonnie in particular missed a pile of snow and unfortunately bounced down the hill on his head, missing the last two days skiing. Pictures in the image gallery.

Richard's Service 2001

The Thanksgiving & Celebration of his Life service was held at 3.00pm on 17th November 2001 at a church near his family in Ferndown, Poole. There were some very moving tributes at the service, a copy of these have been turned into a pdf file (its a 0.2M download). Following this there was a Party (everyone agreed that's what he would have wanted) at the HighCliff hotel which is in the centre of Bournemouth. Pretty much all the lards turned out and it was great to see everyone, but a terrible shame about the circumstances.

Dutch Wedding 2001

Nick W and Bia's wedding was another great event, it was in a splendid Catholic church in Delft, in the Netherlands on the 19th October 2001. The service was very impressively given by the priest in English, Dutch and Portuguese, to accommodate the guests assembled from far and wide. Quite a few lards made the trip for a long weekend in Delft. Chris and Roj stayed out the whole week following the stag in Rotterdam the previous weekend, which was also attended by Stu, but none of the married lards. Congratulations from all the lards. Pictures in the image gallery.

Tragedy 2001

11th September 2001 was a black day for the lards, Richard Dawson in his single handed efforts to keep the British economy running had the incredible misfortune to be in the World Trade Centre for a conference at 9.00am. He will be sorely missed, he was undoubted the glue that held the lards together, everyone will have to try a bit harder to keep in touch and enjoy life. Our thoughts are with his family.

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