Archive of events and news:

An Argentian Wedding - Le Defi

Nick S. and Victoria's second public wedding was another great event, this time in Buenos Aires on the 26th April 2000. A few lards made the trip, and turned it into a major event, most staying for 1-2 weeks and taking in a bit of SA, Simon even deciding on giving it a full 6 weeks, while Vinnie decided to make a brief but colourful appearance. Congratulations from all the lards. Pictures in the gallery.

A Welsh Wedding

Nick S. and Victoria are the latest lard couple, their wedding was on the 22nd December 1999 in the South of Wales. Once the guests - which consisted of family, a near full compliment of lards and a couple of rogue chemists, had found the remote country house the wedding went smoothly. The weather was a bit grey, but the location was otherwise ideal. The after hours event moved onto Cardiff, but that is another story. Congratulations from all the lards. Pictures in the gallery.

A Purple Wedding

Roy and Sara's wedding was on the 21st August 1999 and was a truly unique and well planned event. Starting with the purple clothed guests at the ceremony in the 12th century mediaeval town hall in Dover, and finishing with a reception in the Pavilion in Broadstairs. Congratulations from all the lards. Pictures in gallery.

Royster's Stag

The stag was a boating trip around Oxfordshire on the weekend of the 14/15th August 1999, it was organised by Jonnie (details) and included many lards (including Jackie). Roy spend the whole weekend in a captain's sailor outfit, much to the amazement / amusement of the many people we met on the water, and in Oxford on Saturday night. Pictures in gallery.

Baby Lard

Al and to some extent Gill have contributed to the first baby lard. James John Lawrence (pic) born at 17:43, 30th March 1999 weighing 7lbs 5.5ozs. congratulations from us all. A full account of the moment is available.

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