The current playing members of the Lards.Net are (in virtual playing order):

  1. Fletch (Non mover)
  2. Chris Keating (Non-Mover)
  3. Lloyd Pettiford (Non mover)
  4. Nick Wales (Non mover)
  5. Roger Young (Non mover)
  6. Nick Smith (Non mover)
  7. John Searle (Non mover)
  8. Alan Lawrence (Non mover)

Since half of the lards are currently employed overseas the compilation of this order was not easy, however previous ability, recent and LoT form, teams currently represented and size of lard were all taken into account.

The current non-playing members of the Lards.Net:

The current lardette members of the Lards.Net:

Roger Young


Chris Keating

Lloyd Pettiford

Nick Smith

Nick Wales

John Searle

Alan Lawrence


Jonnie Harris

Simon Barrows

Stuart Wheeler

Jackie Harris

Wendy Bateman

Caroline Arnold

Gill Lawrence

Sara Wright

Sophia Rex

Alison Footman

Beatriz Bottura

Victoria Talaric

Flavia Fernandes Moreira-Leite

Note: Due to spammers lifting email address from this site, all the email addresses from this page have been removed, the lards email name is still here and if added to the lards.net address will make an email address for any of the above.

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