Lards on Skis


This page is dedicated to this annual event that has been running for 5 or 6 years now. A special mention to Dobbo here, who I believe is the only lard to have been on all of them. On a couple of trips we have linked up with the Lawrence family and friends, who are all now fully fledged members of the Skifest posse.

Lards on Skis '03

If there is any interest in booking a major trip or individual parallel holidays and meeting up out there, get your views into the mailing list now. Mail webmaster if you want an up to date copy of the mailing list.

Lards on Skis '02

Quite a small affair in Chatel in France for one week. Thanks to Jonnie for getting us organised enough to get it booked - the chalet was superb. The J's, Roj, Chris, Royster and Wendy were all in attendance. There were some great skiing conditions on the ground, even if we couldn't see where we were going, Jonnie in partcular missed a pile of snow and unfortunately bounced down the hill on his head, missing tha last two days skiing.

There are some photos (but not of the Jonnie incident) of the Skifest in the Image Gallery, send in any good ones you have, digitally if possible.

Lards on Skis '99/'00

No major event again, was skifest '97 just too much for us? There were some individual trips in Europe, but the trip to Argy-land in April 2000 taking over as the year's major event.

Lards on Skis '98

It still seems like lard/skifest '97 has only just finished (see below for details of this massive event), hence the lack of a full Lards event this year.

A few Lards joined the Lawrence and Morris Skifest '98 which was at Whistler, Canada in February. There is a picture of the ski lodge, but no news or gossip yet.

Skifest '97

Phew it was a scorcher. The members of the lard posse have now returned and are slowly recovering from the excesses of skiing, eating (large plates of meat), drinking (anything and everything), and very little sleep. Congratulations to Fletch (sorry Dr Fletch) on the excellent organisation of the event, even if we weren't at the bottom of the mountain. I can't go into all the stories now, but I'm sure the lards will fill in the details (with a few embellishments). Some of the main features in need of more discussion, are: Chris' shandy margarita and head planting, Dobbo's score and lumberjacking, Royster crash and burning, Kirk's quiet 'me' time, late night party troubles in hotel, boat race v Dr exLurve's crew (no prizes for guessing the result there), and much much more.

There are some photos of the Skifest in the Image Gallery, send in any good ones you have, digitally if possible.

Upon the end of the trip there was no immediate shutdown, as Roj stopped in Toronto with Nick for one last night on the town, Fletch and 'arry stopped in an exotic bar in Calgary, while Dobbo, Royster, Kirk, and Slimes visited Chris and Kirsten and went to a blues club in Chicago.

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